Bionics is an upcoming dramatic/action stop-motion series. It details the life of a squad of Heroes, known as the Bionics.

Plot SummaryEdit

After Teridax's death from the hands Mata Nui he the world had experienced breif peace, but the world has a way of hiding the true dangers in its shadows. Soulstinch a villinous matoran had been conspiring with dark spirits. Had been planning on ressurrecting the wicked Dreadnaught, an alternate universe form of Tarix and the alternate universe forms of all the Zaktan, and all the Piraka. Soulstinch had plan on enslaving the matoran in order to build monuments and statues in his "Honor". But the beings planned otherwise. They plan on using all of the planets resources to become all powerfull beings and rule the universe. Just then the spirits began their journey to our world, but an unlikely hero and slave, Tabduk, had managed to hitch a ride in plans to stop their plans. The world started to crumble, as all six of the Piraka presence distorted the area around them. . During their tyrade for power they enslaved many matoran, warriors, and rahi. But an unlikely hero amongst the shadows, Al, has formed a group of unlikely heroes and villians alike to stop their world from utter annhilation. Ganicus, Shadowplayer, Destian, Defilak, Seliks, Epsilon, Locke, and Tarduk. They called themselves " The Bionics". Now they must face the new demented versions of the Piraka, will they succeed? Or will they perish?



  • Ganicus
  • Al
  • Destian
  • Seliks
  • Epsilon
  • Shadowplayer
  • Locke
  • Tarduk


  • Zaktann
  • Drednaught
  • Hakkann
  • Centile
  • Demontice
  • Omicron
  • Element Lord of Despair
  • The Assassin


  • The series is meant to be a sequal to the canon BIONICLE storyline.
  • This series will be used as a stunt so LEGO will bring BIONICLE back to continue it. Hopefully LEGO will make the characters canon and make sets of them.